Landlords National Purchasing Group


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Savings for Landlords: The Benefits of LNPG Membership

We are honoured to be affiliated with LNPG, the largest landlord savings group in the UK, as trusted supply partners. Our collaboration is centred around a shared objective: saving you both time and money.

How Do I Get the Savings ?

You may wonder, how do we achieve these savings? The answer lies in the power of collective bargaining. LNPG has secured a substantial discount off the trade price of our products for its members. The principle is simple: the more you purchase, the greater the savings. To access these exclusive rates, membership is key.

What Can you Expect?

Apart from cost savings, what else can you expect? At Rullgardin, we believe in providing value through quality. Our products aren't comprised of cheap components or fabrics; instead, we supply durable, long-lasting products backed by a 5-year warranty. Our philosophy is not to compete on the lowest price, as this often compromises quality. Like every part of your project, you seek excellence, and we are committed to delivering just that with our product range and installation services.

Are there additional advantages? Absolutely. With us, you receive a superior product that offers excellent value for money, outlasting any budget alternatives.

We invite you to get in touch with us. Remember to provide your LNPG number to unlock more savings. With Rullgardin, you can live by the mantra: Do It Once! Do It Right!