Let there be light without sacrificing privacy! The Keylite T Roof light blind expertly balances light control and visibility protection for spaces with skylights and roof windows.

  • Cordless design for easy lifting, lowering, and tilting
  • Customizable to fit most roof windows
  • Blackout fabric blocks outside light when fully closed

 You can control sunlight and privacy with ease. Fully open the slats during the day to enjoy glare-free natural light from above. Then simply tilt them shut at night or when privacy is preferred to block all outside light.

The Keylite T Roof light blind finally offers the perfect skylight shading solution for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and anywhere else you want daylight without direct views in or out.

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Keylite Roof Blinds Blackout (T Series)

Standard: From 78.68

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